Challenge, challenge, challenge

EAs professional marketing/sales, PR or Business Development Manager in an ICT company or marketing agency I am looking to facilitate growth of revenues and profits and competitive advantage by combining a number of my unique professional and personal skills and experiences:

  • High level international managing and operative experience in a multi-language and multi-disciplinary environment
  • A carrier of successful entrepreneurship
  • Marketing, IR and PR professional for consumer and business products and services
  • Investment manager at a Venture Capital Fund
  • Business Development in different start-up companies
  • Education and experience in today´s cross-cultural business environment
  • Profound expertise in vertical domains
    • Mobile – Wireless technology and applications
    • Internet technology and applications
    • Medical - Healthcare

I am available for a challenging opportunity in which I can help identify objectives, develop strategies, establish standards, benchmarks and marketing criteria leading a team to achieve those objectives in a start-up or growth company, preferable in technology services or products. With 15 years of award-winning administrative and hands-on success in building start-up companies, developing innovative advertising, targeted marketing, tight and intelligent copy that works, I have the professionalism, resources, talent and experience to develop and implement creative solutions to help accomplish your mission:

  1. Network: Build network of seasoned, high-profile engineering, marketing and sales staff with experience in the area of ICT, VC or marketing agencies.
  2. Technology: Join existing start-up in the area of ITC seeking a position of a COO or VP Marketing.
  3. Development: Join a European or US company to establish a European subsidiary.
  4. Venture Capital: Join a Venture Capital / Private Equity company exploring investment or fundraising opportunities in Europe.
  5. Corporate: Join existing blue-chip company seeking the position of a marketing or business development manager.